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Building a Local Legacy.

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For more than 100 years Rotary has been active in Calgary and helping to make Calgary “A Better Community”.

The Calgary Rotary Clubs Foundation (CRCF) is not a granting organization. The CRCF manages funds on behalf of the member clubs - it does not distribute directly to charitable recipients. Organizations and individuals seeking funds are advised to contact member clubs directly. A list of clubs with contact information can be viewed here.

The CRCF is managed by a Board of Directors which may be comprised of members from each participating club. The Board is responsible for ensuring that the pooled funds of the member clubs are invested safely with recognized money managers and that returns are maximized to provide sustainability for the fund in perpetuity.

Funds are then distributed annually to the member clubs in proportion to their share of the overall fund. The clubs are then tasked to donate these funds to worthy charitable organizations.

Since inception, over $20 million has been reinvested through the Calgary Rotary Clubs. In 2018 the distribution will total approximately $2 million.

Currently the CRCF manages a pool of funds in excess of $50 Million.

This pool of funds has been raised through the efforts of the participating Rotary Clubs within Calgary primarily through the generosity and philanthropy of individual Rotarians. These members recognized that there is a need and they have bequeathed and donated significant funds for the betterment of the City of Calgary and the world.

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